BLOGMAS // Favourite Christmas Films

Is there anything more christmassy than get cosy with fluffy blankets, hot chocolate and a festive film? It is a perfect way to spend December weekends, though really I wish I could do it everyday!

I thought I would share a few of my favourite festive films with you all!


First up has to be Love Actually! This one is a family favourite in our house, and its not really christmas until we have all sat together and watched this with a mountain of snacks!


Next has to be Polar Express. The music in this film is just divine and what is more exciting than a train journey to see Santa in the North Pole? Also, I spend the whole christmas period singing “Hot Chocolate!”


There is a new film I found on Netflix which I just love, The Night Before. This one is a comedy so not so much a cosy festive film, but still christmassy. It stars the beautiful Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the hilarious Seth Rogan. Such a great film, definitely one for the adults!


I have recently watched Arthur Christmas and totally fell in love, seriously couldn’t believe I hadn’t watched it yet! Was such a cute little film about Santa’s son trying to save christmas for one little girl. This is such a Sunday afternoon kind of film!


Now, we can’t leave Elf off this list, can we? Seriously though, I can never get enough of this film at this time of year. So so so funny! I may have already watched it a few times this year…


The Grinch is a total classic and will forever be one of my favourites. As soon as Bonfire night is over its the first thing I want to watch!


Finally, its not really christmas without all the Harry Potter films, is it? I love that STV (ITV in England) put on all these films on the lead up to Christmas. Who knew witches and wizards could be so festive?!


These are just a few of my favourites. I would love to know what your favourites are or maybe ones you think I have to see!

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