BLOGMAS // Donating To The Foodbank

This time of year is so wonderful, but for some people it is a really hard period. The weather gets so much colder and those living in poverty have to struggle between eating or putting on the heating. It breaks my heart knowing that while a lot of us are enjoying ourselves, some people are left cold and hungry.

Each year, the South Ayrshire Foodbank put out an alternative advent calendar. Each day it gives you something to put aside and at the end of it you donate the 24 items to the foodbank. It is filled with the essential items that the foodbank packs into their 3-day emergency food supplies boxes. It may not seem a lot, but they have the ability to have a huge impact on people. Each food donation makes a huge difference.


Across the UK there are 14 million people living in poverty and this time of year puts even more demands on finances. Many people are forced to ration food across the festive period, with many struggling to buy basic groceries, never mind a full christmas dinner. This year the Trussell Trust have launched their Christmas Appeal in order to help as many people this christmas as they can. But they can only do this with the help of people like us. Along with food donations, the foodbanks need money to run. If you can’t donate actually food items, you can go to their website here or directly drop off monetary donations to your local foodbank.

I would love to know that while we all enjoy christmas, we are also helping people in need because everyone deserves a magical christmas.


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  1. This is such a lovely idea, giving to those who need it most. That’s what this time of year is all about! You’ve inspired me!

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