Dear Mum…

23 years ago you became a mum for the first time. 23 years ago the world changed for the better.

First there was me. Then there was my sister. Then along came my two brothers. Our little family of 5.

Growing up you taught us everything we know. It was you who taught us how to walk, to talk and to eat. It was you who taught us how to read and write. It was you who taught us right from wrong. You taught us all how to pick each other up and how to love each other fiercely. You taught us about the world and you gave us everything you had.

Over the years you have been good cop and bad cop. You have been mum and dad to us all. You have been the one to shower us in love and the one to punish us when we do wrong. You have received our love and our anger.

Looking back over my life, it is always you that has been there. You have been there in the good and the bad. You are the one that was there at every show, game and presentation. It was always you we looked for in the crowd. It was with your encouragement and support that we got on that stage or put on those trainers. It was because of you I got through university. It is only you I want to phone when I need to talk about something.

Thinking about it all now, we could have been better to you. We could of said ‘I love you’ more, but that’s what most kids do. We scream and shout at you. We fall out over curfews and we yell ‘I hate you’. But we never mean it.

The more we grow up with you, the more we learn about you. We see just how incredible you are. You grew up in the most horrible way, but instead of that bringing you down, you take that past and turn it into the most beautiful version of a person.

Every single day I am proud to say that you are my mum. I am proud to say that the woman I call my mum is one of the strongest, kindest and selfless women I have ever met. I am amazed how, without thinking, you put everyone else before yourself. You do not judge, you just simply help. You have so much love within you that everyone that meets you feels it straight away. You have this light deep within you that shines so bright. Without a second thought you do whatever you can to bring joy to somebody else’s life.

Mum, you are one of a kind. You are one of those extraordinary people that are so rare to find. Without you, the world I know wouldn’t shine so brightly. Mum, you have shown me nothing but undying love and there is no way I can show you how much that means to me, and my three wonderful siblings. We all want you to know that we are so incredibly proud of you and we have so much love for you. Keep being you.


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  1. This was beautiful to read 🙂 I definitely don’t show my mum as much love as I should. I’ve fallen out with her a lot, but she’s always there and always supporting me. We can always be better to our mothers – no relationship is perfect.

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