Vapiano Edinburgh

Is there any greater love than a girl’s love of pasta? I don’t think so!!

Last week I was kindly invited along to try out the brand new Vapiano in Edinburgh and I did not hesitate in saying yes.

I headed along with a friend to enjoy the most glorious Saturday night possible.


If you haven’t been to Vapiano or have never heard of it, then you are about to begging to go! The concept is pretty simple, enjoying fresh delicious food in a relaxed and open setting. Vapiano is all about “love of enjoying life and sharing spontaneous and genuine companionship.” Each guest is given a swipe card as they are welcomed, allowed to choose their own seats and order at the counters when ready. The cards are used to track your meal and allow you to pay at the host station when you are finished.

Vapiano Edinburgh is spanned over 3 glorious floors and is bright and welcoming. It is located in the newly developed St Andrews Square, which is now home to many fabulous bars and restaurants, as well as hundreds of new offices. The ground floor hosts the entrance and the pizza counter. The next floor down is the lovely bar where you will all the drinks and the yummiest desserts and the bottom floor is where the pasta magic is.


We found a perfect cosy seat and pondered the menu for far too long. Trying to pick out one thing had to be the hardest task. There are so many choices that are perfect for everyone, even the fussy eaters out there!


In the end I opted for the Cognac pasta which is made with chicken breast, bacon, peas, garlic, cream, tomato sauce, cognac, white and spring onions. So off I trotted to the pasta counter, ordered and watched the chef make it in front of me. They let you choose your pasta, which is freshly made every day.



While I was getting my pasta made, my friend headed off to the Pizza counter for the insane BBQ Chicken Pizza and a side of garlic bread for us to share. The pizza was cooked in a glorious pizza oven while we waited at the table with a little buzzer.



Both dishes were exceptional. Both freshly cooked to order and just how we wanted them. The pasta was so fresh and delish. You could totally tell the difference in the freshly cooked ingredients compared to a lot of restaurants that have it all batch cooked. I went with the chef’s recommendation of the campanelle pasta and it did not disappoint. It soaked up all that yummy sauce, leaving nothing behind!


To accompany our wonderful food, we both ordered Gin Brambles, because who doesn’t love a bramble?!

And what is a Saturday night without dessert? To round off a perfect meal we both had to try out some sweet treats. I opted for the Cioccolata Foresta Nera which was exquisite layers of white, milk and dark chocolate with Nutella, Italian sponge fingers topped with vanilla cream served in the cutest little glass. Laura went for the most insanely sweet Cioccolata Bianca; a blend of white chocolate and cream on a biscuit base, topped with salted caramel sauce and honeycomb. Honestly I think I’m still on the sugar come down from that!


All in all, it was a pretty perfect meal. It was such a different experience from the typical restaurant which I think made it that much better. All the staff were so delightful and welcoming, the chefs are extremely talented and the atmosphere was so relaxed and laid-back, making a perfect spot to spend with a great friend.

Vapiano really has something for everyone, seriously, everyone has to love Italian food!! It is in the perfect location in Edinburgh, and is an ideal spot to catch up with friends over food or for a relaxed date night. If I could, I would have every meal there!!


You can check out Vapiano here and see if there is one near you. If there is, make it the next place you visit for food, you won’t regret it!!


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