We all know how tough it can be when it comes to money after Christmas. A month of parties, train tickets and buying gifts… it all adds up!

I am often told how good I am at working with a budget so I thought I would share my top tips with you all… After spending 4 years as a student, I soon figured out how to make a little bit of money go a long way!


I can’t emphasise this one enough!! They key to budgeting is to plan! I am a lover of a whiteboard and pens, they are so useful! It really helps to see all your income and bills on the same board. On the left I have all my bills (rent, council tax, internet, phone, electricity, bus, gym etc) and then on the right I have a months worth of paydays (I get paid weekly right now!). That way it is clear what is going out and coming in each month and then whats left over for the fun stuff!



This is such a money saver! I love going out for meals with friends, but it all adds up! Cooking can be such a pain sometimes, but why not have a look online or in some cookbooks you have lying about for some new inspiration? I am loving the Lean In 15 books right now, so many good and healthy recipes! Another top tip here is batch cooking! I save so much money by cooking bigger meals and then freezing the leftovers in portion tubs. It also means on lazy days I can just pull something out of the freezer rather than phoning a take away…



I am a rather girly girl and love having my hair and nails done, but that can get so expensive!! So why not do it yourself? I would advise being careful when it comes to dying your own hair drastically different colours (trust me, it doesn’t end well!!!) but it can be really simple and a huge money saver! I have been loving Barry M nail polish recently, and most of their shades are around £2.99 from Superdrug, so what’s not to love??



Now, I’m not saying just sit at home and drink on your own! What I mean is instead of going out to the pub with friends, why not have a night in with them? It is so much cheaper to buy a bottle of Gin/Wine/Vodka than to go out and buy a few drinks. Plus, you don’t have to wait at the bar for ages and you can have proper time with your friends, watching movies or listening to music you actually like!



This might just be the best thing I have done in a while! I am a huge book worm and was spending so much money on new books so I ended up getting a library card. It is so good to have access to hundreds of books for free! Obviously check with your local library, but here in Edinburgh you can create an online account, search the database for books you want and then reserve them and they will even send them over to your closest library! So handy to just go pick up a few at a time without spending hours going through all the books they have!


I hope these tips are useful and help you out when it comes to making your money go further!

Let me know what you do to budget, do you have any top tips?


20 thoughts on “LETS TALK ABOUT // BUDGETING

    1. Oh takeaways are definitely the worst for the budget! you should see if there is a recipe for making KFC style chicken at home? I do that with Nandos cause thats my favourite! x

  1. Oooh I love reading about budgeting! I’m so happy you found my blog so that i could visit yours! Great list you’ve got going here. I especially agree with eating/cooking at home :)) bringing my lunch to school or work has helped me a ton. And I like to keep an easy snack in the car like mixed nuts or something in case I get hungry on the road :))

    1. Such a lovely comment! I’m glad I found yours too! 🙂 Oh that is such a good idea to have snacks in the car! Oh I do love a packed lunch too, I used to always do that for uni. x

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  3. These are super tips! I recently moved in with my bf and didn’t realise just how expensive life can be when you don’t rely on your parents. I plan my budgeting for the month and what outgoings/I going see have going on. I definitely agree with cooking at home, takeaways are ridiculously expensive nowadays and you can make a meal just as good at home!
    Lovely post x

    Emily x

  4. I’m trying to budget a lot more this year so I definitely find this post useful! I especially need to get into the habit of cooking for myself, especially for work as I have a tendency to spend around £10 a day on food which is ridiculous.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  5. Excellent advice 🙂 I’m starting to save for a house so looking for all the tips on saving money! Food was a nightmare so definitely doing more cooking and going out LESS xx

    1. I’m glad it helped! Saving for a house is such a huge task! Cooking at home more makes such a huge help, I also like to write a menu for the week and try stick to it so I don’t keep making unnecessary trips to the supermarket! x

  6. I’m definitely with you on cooking more and drinking at home! One of the biggest ways I’ve saved money is by inviting friends over instead of always going out. It’s cheaper for me to make them a cup of coffee or buy a bottle of wine and have my own snacks than going out every week!

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