2018 Is The Year Of ‘NEW’

For the past week or so all I have heard people talk about is their new years resolutions. Lists and lists of things people want to change about themselves, and it always seems to be negative things. It all got me thinking about my new year and what I want to see happen this coming year.

I know for sure I am ready to ditch the negativity completely. In all aspects of my life, there is negativity and it is not productive or good for anyones mental health, especially mine. My anxiety seems to peak around stress and negativity and that is one thing I want to get on top of over the next year.  Negativity brings nothing to your life, so what is the point?

So, in light of this, I have decided to not change anything. Instead, I am going to do things! Instead of trying and failing to give up this, start that etc. I am going to go on new adventures and try lots of new things.

2018 is going to be the year of ‘new’. My mum, my sister and I have all put together bucket lists for the year instead of resolutions that we never stick to. So we each have a list of new things we want to do this year.

In 2018 I am going to…

Visit two new cities in Europe

See a new part of Scotland

Learn Yoga

Visit a new beach

Enjoy the little moments more

Put my phone away when I am with company

Put my toes in an ocean I haven’t before

Say YES more often

Learn to love the mornings

Make more time for family

visit a new Scottish castle


Watch a sunset/sunrise

Switch to a green energy company

Laugh more


I am so excited for the year ahead. It is a big year for my whole family. A lot of change is coming and it is amazing to see it all happen to my favourite people in the whole world. We are going to have a whole load of adventures together and on our own. I can’t wait to look back on 2018 and say it was our year!







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