The Dating Diaries : Embracing Being Single


So it is Valentine’s day and here I am still single. For a lot of single people, today is pretty miserable. Social media is full of soppy posts of couples sharing their love for each other, and every where you look there are over the top cards and red roses. But it doesn’t have to be a miserable day for anyone.

After years of dating and not finding anything more serious, I decided to take a break and just embrace the single life. The past few months have been such an amazing learning experience for me and I am so glad I took the time out to just be single.

Learn who YOU are.

Singleness is a great way to learn who you are as a person. It gives you the space to be alone and embrace it. I find being alone is a great way to get to know myself. I Have the space to do the things I love and really figure out what I want from life.

Find happiness. 

Being single is a great time to find true happiness on your own. Sometimes we can get so caught up in finding happiness in other people that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Happiness should come from within yourself not from somebody else.

Sexual Freedom.

Possibly my favourite part of single life (sorry mum!!). Being single allows you to explore sex with different people and on your own. Single life gives you plenty of time to spend on your own and to figure out what pleasures you, and sex with another person is only really good if you know your own body. But it also is a great time to meet new people and  have carefree sex!

New experiences. 

Singleness is a time in your life where you are not tied to another human being. It is a time to get out the bucket list and do things you have always wanted to do and go places you have always wanted to see.

Be Independent.

Sometimes it is hard to not be tied to another person, but really it is a great time to become independent. You have the space and freedom to be reliant on yourself. It is so important to be able to handle life on your own, and really what is more empowering than being in control of your whole life?


So, embrace the single life, its not all that bad after all! Take the time to really enjoy the alone time and when the time is right you may just meet the person of your dreams! Plus, tomorrow you’ll be able to get all the cheap flowers and chocolate!!




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