Autumnal Lipstick Picks

Autumn/winter is my favourite time of year. All the cosy jumpers get looked out, the evenings get darker and the temperature drops. Nothing is better than feeling all cosy and watching the trees change colours. I much prefer the cold, but maybe thats because I am Scottish and don’t get too much heat during the summer!

I also love this time of the year because I get to look out all my darker lipsticks. Gone are the days of pale pinks and reds, its time for the berry lip!! So, I have decided to show you all some of my favourite go-to shades for this time of the year!


MAC – Satin shade Amorous 

This is probably my favourite of them all, as you can probably tell! As with all MAC lipsticks, it is super long lasting and feels great to wear. This is a beautiful sort of cranberry shade which is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn.

YSL – Rouge Pur Couture shade 09

I feel like every girl should have at least one YSL lipstick in her collection. I totally adore this one and always bring it out for special occasions as it feels so luxurious!! Again, its a perfect transition lipstick for all those end of summer/autumnal parties!

GOSH – Velvet Touch shade 008 Matt Plum

I have only recently started getting into GOSH so this is a new addition, but one I totally love! It doesn’t go on as dark as it looks but it is long lasting and doesn’t feel too drying which is an issue with a lot of matte lipsticks.


Rimmel – Lasting Finish by Kate Moss shade 53 Retro Red

This is one I have had to buy several times, I just adore it! Slightly more red than the rest of my picks, but still a lovely dark autumnal shade. This is definitely the most long lasting out of the lot. When I put this on I never have to worry about what it looks like throughout the day cause I know its not going anywhere!

Makeup Revolution – Shade Private Members Club

This was a nice wee cheap and cheerful buy, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It certainly doesn’t go on as dark as it looks, but still has a nice dark berry shade to it. It requires quite a lot of topping up, but for the price thats to be expected!


New Look – Matte Lipstick shade Mulberry

This is another firm favourite of mine. I was really surprised at the quality of the New Look cosmetics, I was a bit wary as it is a high street clothing store. This is such a fabulous red berry shade that always lives in my make up bag during the winter. It is matte so can be slightly drying during the colder months, but as long as you keep your lips well moisturised you will be fine with it. This tends to need one or two top ups during the day, but overall a total dream! (Though it seems this shade is no longer available online!)

New Look – Super Matte Liquid Lipstick shade Raspberry

I am not usually one for liquid lipsticks, but this shade was just too dreamy not to have. It dries slightly darker than expected, but it is a fabulous dark raspberry. This is much more long lasting than the lipstick from New Look but has the same sort of drying effect during the colder months. Although, it is certainly worth having in your collection!


Kiko Milano – Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner shade 404 

To finish off, I couldn’t show off my favourites without including my staple lip liner. I just have a few that I use, but this is one that I use with all of these. Unfortunately, it seems they no longer have this exact shade on the website anymore but 420 looks very similar. It is a sort of roses brown shade that works well as a base for all of the above lippies! It is the creamiest, smoothest lip liner I have ever used! I think from now on all my lip liners will come from Kiko, and the best bit is theres no pencil sharping involved!!


So, there we have it! My all-time favourite autumnal lipsticks. I am so excited that I can finally get to wear them all again, get ready for lots of Instagram pics!


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  1. Love these! SO much rose gold packaging! I didn’t know New Look did lip products though – I’ve only seen a small amount of their makeup line. Super excited for all the autumn colours!

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