I am the biggest lipstick fan going, its probably bordering on a problem. I can’t help it, when I see lipstick I just need to have it! But the problem is, they are always almost the same colour!! When you find what works for you, why change it? I have a huge collection of matte lipsticks, from Mac to Rimmel, from YSL to New Look, I got them all!

So, when I heard Lottie London had brought out a make up collection, I just had to try it out! You may have seen them before, they make the most beautiful and colourful make up brushes. I thought the best thing to start with with was one of their lipsticks. Now, for a girl that loves lipstick, I have never used a liquid lipstick! I know, what’s with that??

I headed on down to superdrug to see what they had on offer. After swatching all the lipsticks on my hand I opted to try out the Slay All Day Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade #TBT. I got home and tried it out straight away. The bottle looks like it would be bit more of a pink, but in reality it is a beautiful dusty purple, which I just love!

I was a bit worried it would be really drying because it is a matte formula, but actually it’s the total opposite. It goes on so smoothly, dries quickly and feels so light. I always prime my lips by using The Kiss Scrub from Lush before applying any lipstick, especially matte lipstick, to remove any dead skin and make sure my lips are nice and smooth. Every day, no matter what shade of lipstick I use, I always wear a MAC Lip Pencil in the shade Boldly Bare. It is just a nice neutral shade that just gives the lips more definition.

I put the Lottie London Lipstick to the test on my birthday to see how long it stays on for. I headed through to Glasgow for dinner and drinks. I ended up going for afternoon tea, having dinner and some cocktails, and surprisingly, I only had to re-apply once!!! Usually I am armed with everything I need to re-apply lipstick in my handbag, but this time I didn’t need it!


I was so surprised with this one. I was already a fan of Lottie London, but now I think I am in love! I will certainly be going back for more lipstick, and I might even try out some of their other make up, the eyeliner is taking my fancy!


Have you tried out any Lottie London products? What do you think?

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  1. I’ve not heard of Lottie London, but like you, I like a bit of lip colour in my life. 😄 I don’t actually wear any other makeup, just lip colour. I prefer lip stains, I still haven’t found a lipstick I “love” but I’m also still going through my small collection. It’s all YSL, though, because my mum used to work for them so getting a hold of their products was easy and I never bothered trying anything else. 😆

    I usually use lip balm before lipstick but there are some days I need to use a scrub on them too, because of the dry flaky skin. So cool that you only had to re-apply this once! Not sure if the YSL lip stains are still in stock (may have been discontinued) but they held up pretty well.

    1. Oh that’s so lucky! YSL is so so good! I’ve never actually tried any lip stains before, do you prefer them?
      I usually use vaseline just before I go to bed if my lips are really dry. I feel like the scrub just gives you a more even base to apply your lipstick to.

      Let me know if you end up trying some Lottie London! x

  2. I’ve not tried any products from this brand but I’m absolutely dying to because I’ve always heard such good things about them, I also always use the kiss before applying anything on my lips it’s really a life saver x

  3. I used to have some Lottie London makeup brushes and a lip balm and they were great! And I LOVE that lipstick colour, it looks similar to Androgyny by Jeffree Star, could definitely be on my to-buy list!

  4. I’ve never tried any Lottie London products before, even one of their brushes, and I do have a problem with drying liquid lipsticks so I might see what I can find in my local superdrug! x

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