Mental Health Week : Anxiety & me.

This week is mental health awareness week so I wanted to use my little space on the internet to talk about different issues this week that have an impact on so many people in all walks of life. 

It is so important that everyone feels comfortable talking about their mental health out loud and to feel like they are being heard and most importantly, being cared for. 

So, I guess the best place to start is with my own mental health story. 

I think my whole life I have been a fairly anxious person, always worrying about things and keeping so much inside my head until breaking point. Life has thrown a lot of challenges my way and sometimes it’s really hard to stay afloat in all of it. 

As I started to get in to my late teens and early twenties I found it harder and harder to cope with things. Everyone knows me as this confident, happy person and I felt like I had to be that version of me 100% of the time. That is just exhausting and so not attainable at all. 

As time ticked on, life got harder. Uni became more stressful and I began to feel like panic of life after graduation. I was still single and had no idea what I wanted to do and it felt like everyone around me had a plan. 

I started to feel myself drift away and I’d spend days alone in my flat hiding under my duvet. I would barely eat anything, nothing would be cleaned and I’d just sleep away the days hoping it would all just fix itself. 

I literally let myself get to rock bottom before realising I really needed to get some help. So, that’s what I did. 

It took a lot of courage to speak up and ask for help, but it was so worth that bravery. I started going to see a counsellor at my uni once a week until I felt like I could cope again and bring myself back around if it started to slip back down hill. 

We would be here for days if I started going into all the things that caused my mental health to spiral down, so I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail just now. But, I did let all of that pile on top of me until it literally broke me before I asked for the help I needed. 

Everyone carries around a weight on their shoulders and there is so much pressure to carry it all alone. We are so consumed in ourselves that we think it is only us struggling. But mental health is something that concerns every single person on this planet, whether it’s good or bad. 

It’s not until we start openly talking about our mental health will there be any change in how society as a whole deals with it. Just imagine what life would be like if we treated our mental health like our physical health! 

So, this week I want to start conversations and create safe spaces for people to be able to talk openly about what’s going on in their minds.


This week, and every week, my inboxes are open to everyone and anyone who needs to talk, there is no judgement here. x

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