So, for those of you who have been following my blog for a while now will know how simple I keep all my beauty routines. In my last post about my skincare routine, you will see exactly what I mean by that. I definitely think skincare is something I need to get better now that I am getting older, but I just had no idea where to begin. You go into places like Boots, Superdrug or any department store and you are just overwhelmed by choice. I think also my problem is I just don’t know what different products do.

While at the Edinburgh Bloggers Conference a few weeks ago I met Amber Moss, a wonderful skincare specialist based here in Edinburgh. We got chatting away about skincare in general and my blog. After a great little chat she invited me to come for a facial and of course I gladly accepted. I haven’t had many facials in my time, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone for one on its own. It has usually been as part of a spa day and comes at the end of full body massage. Facials that I have experienced have always seemed to be very rushed and haven’t been specifically designed to my skin type.

I was super excited to head out to Portobello to visit Amber on Saturday. We sat and had a chat about my skin type, my routine and what I feel are my problem areas. Generally I have combination skin, with a very oily nose! Was interesting that she had also asked me if I get spots during my period, which I certainly do!! I explained what my usual routine is and I thought that it was quite a good routine to have, but I was pretty wrong….

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We chatted away while she removed my make up and cleaned up my skin. I love that there was no awkwardness and horrible small talk, which is the worst! Amber is such an approachable person and so easy to get along with. Though, what I loved most about her was how knowledgeable she was and her obvious passion for skincare. I felt that I could really trust her advice because she wasn’t just pushing products on me. She has such a wide range of products and knowledge on what works best with different skin types.

So, I have asked her if she would share her top tips with you all…


Stock up on cheap white cotton flannels or muslin cloths. Ikea do a pack of 10 in the kids department for around £3. Since Ikea is such a trek away, I got mine from Primark, also in the kids department. Use a clean one each day and do a cleanse in the morning after you’ve showered.


Avoid a foaming cleanser – stay clear of anything with sodium lauryl sulphate. Your skin’s natural pH is around 5. SLS makes your skin more alkaline and breakout causing bacteria loves it!
Amber suggests the body shop’s camomile cleansing oil and balm, Merumaya cleansing balm, Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel and a milky cleanser like the Clarins ones, though my favourite is the cleansing milk from Soap and Glory.

Period spots!

Amber suggested taking a fish oil supplement as omega 3 is a great inflammatory and can certainly help with hormonal breakouts. Her favourite brand is lambert and she takes the upper end of the recommended dose. This is one I’m looking forward to putting to the test.

Skincare Brands!

Amber is a huge lover of Deciem and they have a super no frills skincare line the ordinary. It can be quite daunting at first but take a look at this fantastic regime guide written by Arly from Detailed Orientated Beauty. For me she recommended the glycolic-Acid, caffeine eye solution, niacinimide and the squalene facial oil. So far I have the facial oil and I flipping love it!!

Other acid toner (exfoliaters) Amber recommends are the Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle pads or First Aid Beauty radiance pads. You can make these go further by cutting in half. Mix them up with the glycolic acid, switching a couple of times a week.

her other absolute skin saviour, which is perfect for congested and spotty skin, is another deciem brand NIOD’s flavanone mud mask. Just use it on your chin nose and forehead.

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So, there we have it! Some great top tips from Amber on looking after your skin. I could add so much more to this, but I don’t want to overload you all. I might add to this with a updated skincare routine, now I have all this new information and new products to test out.

Do you use any of these products yet, or have any skincare tips to add? Let me know below!

You can follow Amber Moss on Facebook and Instagram.

**This was a sponsored post, but all opinions on Amber Moss Skincare and included products are my own**


    1. Yeah, there were a few she mentioned I had never heard of either, its good to try new stuff out though! The blogger’s conference was so good. I know they are planning something else this year so you should keep your eyes peeled for that!

  1. This is a really interesting post! I’ll have to go through this and make some notes on these great tips!
    Thankyou! And lucky you getting treated to a facial!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  2. These are some absolutely great tips for your skin! I know from experience how good cleansers can be x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌻🍂

  3. I love Peter Thomas Roth products! But they’re a little pricey for me right now unfortunately, so I just use Stridex Pads in the red container since I hear they’re just as good as high end ones! I really need to get back on track taking my fish oils supplements. Btw, I love your photography!

    Amanda |

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