If you have been following me on my social media (especially instagram!), you will know I am a bit of a coffee lover now that I am a barista. Weirdly, before I started my job back in March I hated coffee, now I can’t go a day without at least one cup! Oh how times have changed!!


So, in keeping with my new found love of coffee, I have a great product to review and tell you all about – a coffee subscription box!! how amazing is that?

Alistair and Matt Clark, the awesome father and son team, founded Cloud Coffee back in 2016 just outside of Edinburgh. Matt, the self-confessed coffee geek, works along side his dad who has over 20 years experience working with speciality coffees. Together, they make a dream team!

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Each month they work with a coffee roaster as a partner, picking the perfect coffee for the Cloud Coffee community. They then receive the beans and lovingly care for them in their purpose-built coffee studio. From their they package up the beans, either whole or ground, and send it out to you. If you need your beans ground, they will do it right before delivery so they are as fresh as possible.

The best thing is, there is a wide range of subscriptions available. From home or office use and even gift subscriptions, there is a box for everyone. For the home use box, prices range from £9.95 to £29, depending on how much coffee you want each month.

So first, you start by deciding how often you want to pay, then you choose the amount you want. Personally, I would go for the taster option. That includes 3 different 100g bags which is great for trying out new flavours. Next up you choose between whole beans or ground coffee and then finally tell them how you make your coffee. Which is fab because you get the coffee ground perfectly for whatever equipment you use.

Now, lets talk about the coffee!! This month’s roaster was Obadiah Collective. This was a new one for me to try, and I have been loving it. Obadiah Collective was launched in 2015 by Sam in Edinburgh. They are a roastery at heart, as well as a collective looking to collaborate and share their coffee with the rest of the world.

In my box, I got three different coffees to try out and to be honest it is really hard to pick a favourite.


The first one I tried out was Guji Liyu. This one is from Ethiopia and the tasting notes are; bergamot, peach acidity and orange blossom. I really enjoyed this one, it was really light and was a perfect cup for a sunny afternoon. The coffee is grown in Ethiopia, is chemical free and grown in traditional methods, with most growers having only 1-2 hectares growing in their back gardens.


Next up was Kainamui from Kenya. I think this was the one I was most excited about, with the tasting notes being; cola, yuzu, a buttery body and vine tomatoes. I am normally drawn to more fruity notes, so this one was very different for me. You can definitely pick up on the buttery body of this one! This coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Kenya in the vitamin rich red volcanic loam soils. The coffee is handpicked and the members of the washing station benefit from things such as advances for school fees, farm support and emergency funds.


Last but not least, was Fazenda Pentano from Brazil. This one was by far my typical coffee of choice, with tasting notes of; caramel, molasses and a subtle berry acidity. I could drink this all day, every day! It is such a beautiful coffee. I would say if you could only pick one, go for this one! This farm has over 200 varieties, most of which are used for experimenting with different processing and flavour. This particular coffee is naturally processed, giving it a much sweeter taste than the washed coffees.

I really couldn’t fault any of these coffees, they are all so different but all so good!

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I am really excited to keep going with this subscription box and see where it goes from here. There are so many coffee roasters out there that it can be quite overwhelming to pick one to try so I think this is the perfect solution. Each month you will get a new coffee to try out straight to your door and all the hard work has been done for you, all you have to do is boil the kettle and stick on a cuppa!



You can follow Cloud Coffee on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Obadiah Collective on Instagram.

Here is where you can subscribe to Coffee Cloud.


**this is a sponsored post but all views and pictures contained are my own**




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